Live Dealer Roulette on Mobile

You can never really replicate the thrill, excitement and entertainment value of visiting a land based casino and having a long session playing Roulette at such places. However, thanks to the launch of the Live Dealer and Live Casino gaming platforms you can now place wagers directly onto a real life, land based Roulette table but from anywhere you happen to be!

Once you have found a mobile casino site offering a range of Live Dealer games you are able to watch a live video broadcast in high definition on your mobile device and underneath that video box will be the betting layout of whatever game you have chosen to play.

If you enjoy playing Roulette then you can place your bets directly onto the Live Roulette tables by placing them on your mobile devices screen and they will then be remotely placed onto the Live Roulette games you are viewing. You then sit back and watch as the real life Croupier calls “no more bets” and then sets the ball spinning! If you chosen number spins in you are then paid out instantly and your winnings are added to your casino account.

Pros and Cons of Playing Live Mobile Roulette Games

There are some pros and cons of playing Live Dealer Roulette games on your mobile device, and fortunately the pros out way the cons! Below is an overview of some of the benefits you will have flowing your way when accessing such a gaming platform, along with some aspects of playing mobile Live Dealer Roulette games that you do need to be aware of.

Stake Levels – You do need to be aware that the minimal and maximum bets that you are going to be able to place when playing Live Roulette on a mobile device are going to vary from site to site. However, you will often find that when you launch the mobile gaming platform you will be able to scroll through the games menu and find a variety of different games on offer each boasting their own minimum and maximum stake levels.

So finding a mobile casino site and a Live Roulette game that you can comfortably afford to play is not going to be too difficult. Also be aware not many mobile casinos will give you the option of playing their games for free as in the majority or cases only the real money variants are on offer.

Time Limits – One aspect of playing mobile Roulette games via a Live Dealer platform is that you are going to have to place your bets and wagers onto the betting layout in a certain amount of time. As the games are live you will see the Croupier letting you know when you can place your bets onto the betting layout and that Croupier will then wave his or her arm over the betting layout and will announce no more bets as the wheel has been launched and is spinning around the wheel.

Player Interaction – You will also have the added bonus of being able to fully interact with everyone involved on the Live Roulette game you are playing. An onscreen chat box will let you type in messages of encouragement or will let you interact and chat to the casino staff.

You can of course opt to close this chat box if you would prefer not to be distracted and would prefer to concentrate solely on placing your Roulette bets!

Disconnections – There will always be a strict procedure in place should for whatever reason you get disconnected from a mobile casino site when playing their Roulette games. Any bets placed before your disconnection will stand and you can always checkout the results of any previous games played for yourself via an audit trail.

So if you lose your mobile phone signal halfway through a game or if your battery goes flat, the next time you log into that casino your account balance will always reflect the outcome of the last game played!

Bonuses and Comps – You will find that bonuses and player comps will flow just as freely when accessing a range of live mobile casino games as they do when you are playing at a standard online casino site. Do be aware though that usually Roulette games in particular come with a slightly increased set of play through requirements.

This is due to the low house edge nature of these games. You will also find a full and comprehensive set of terms and conditions attached to any Live Roulette game bonus you have taken or are thinking of taking advantage of, so always read through them for complete peace of mind!

Are Live Roulette Games Fair?

To be perfectly honest you are going to get a much more better feeling in regards to fair play and integrity when playing via a Live Casino gaming platform than when accessing one driven by software and one that uses a random number generator!

As these types of games are played in real time, and due to the fact that you can see everything happening on and around the Roulette wheel, you are unlikely to get the unnerving feeling you sometimes get when playing standard software driven mobile Roulette games when a series of unusual number patterns are spun in, and those numbers are not those you have placed a bet on!

As the games are played in land based casinos then Live Casino Roulette is played and operated to the very strictest of standards, and each gaming venue used to broadcast the video footage from holds a full land based gaming license, and all of the Dealers and Croupiers in charge of each game are also fully trained and licensed.

A full and comprehensive audit trail of every single game played is available, and this will add another level of security to your mobile Live Roulette gaming sessions, as in the event of any problems you will always have access to the video files of the games you have played.