History of Roulette

The very first Roulette game was designed way back in the 18th century. What surprises most people when they learn of the original game was that even though it was designed in France, the original version had two zeros on the wheel, both a single zero and a double zero, which most players will recognise as the game often referred to as the American Roulette variant!

historyHowever, once this game was launched it was an instant hit with there being no end of players wishing to take their chances on the wheel! The basic mathematics of the game dictated that over the long term the gambling venue that had it on offer could expect to earn a house edge of 5.26% on all wagers placed on the wheel.

Even though it was the two zeros on the Roulette wheel that gave the game its house edge, players could place wagers on those two different zero betting positions. However, the winning payouts associated with every single Straight Up number betting proposition returned a winning payout of 35 to 1 when the actual odds of winning was 37 to 1.

The colour of the betting positions has always been kept the same with all of the numbers from one to thirty six being a mix of red and black numbers, and both zeros being coloured green.

Introduction of the Single Zero Variant

As the game of Roulette grew in popularity and with there being more and more casinos offering the game, in 1843 two Frenchmen hit upon the idea of launching a brand new, yet lower house edge version of Roulette that it was hoped would appeal to players more than the original version and would allow casinos to offer this game and market it to their customers.

This led to the launch of the single zero Roulette game variant which is now commonly known as the European variant. This game offered casinos a manageable yet slightly lower house edge of 2.70%, and was an instant hit with players for they soon realised the value to be had of playing a single zero variants as opposed to a double zero variant!

As the years ticked by there was one final major enhancement to the single zero Roulette game and this was once again a way of allowing casinos to market their Roulette games as even better games to play and ones that offered players a much better chance of winning due to an even lower house edge.

The French Roulette game as it is now known was born, and this variant offers one of two different rules which will only come into effect whenever the zero has been spun in.

Some French Roulette games will have the La Partage rule in place, and as such if you or any of your fellow players have wagered on any of the even money paying locations, and the zero is spun in, this unique rule will see all of those players getting exactly half of their stakes returned to them.

You will also find another rule in play on some French Roulette games and this is known as the En Prison rule. This rule again only affects the even money paying bets when a zero has been spun in and when such a situation arises then the even money paying bets are not scooped up and removed from the betting layout as losing ones, they will remain in place on the betting layout for the next spin!

These two very unique betting rules which are only found on the French Roulette games lowers the house edges down to 1.35%, which any savvy Roulette player is going to find very attractive, more so when comparing them to the house edge attached to the American and European variants!

Online Gaming Platforms Launched

It is only in the last 20 years or so that the online gaming environment has been available. In fact is was in the early years of the 1990’s that saw the launch of the very first online casino gaming platforms, and whilst at the time those platforms were quite basic, as the years have come and gone they have kept pace with technological advancements and are now state of the art gaming platforms, offering everything a casino game player could want or need from such a gaming platform!

From around 1994 onwards we have seen a sharp increase in the number of different types of Roulette games being launched in the online gaming environment, and as such you are now quite easily able to play Roulette games which have progressive jackpots on offer, along with lots of different variants offering one or more types of bonus side bets.

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Mobile Roulette Games Launched

It was in the mid 2000’s that several online casino gaming platform designers opted to launch their own unique types of mobile gaming platforms on which players could access and play a range of games including the American and European Roulette game variants.

However, as mobile devices back in those days were very basic in their design the mobile gaming environment was quite stagnant for many years until mobile devices became much more advanced.

In the early years of mobile gaming players had to download one game at a time onto their mobile phones, and then try and control the keys via the keypad attached to their devices, and as the size of the screen was tiny on those earlier models of mobile phones players hardly had an enjoyable and seamless gaming experience!

Thanks to the way mobile devices have now evolved playing any type of mobile casino game including Roulette on the very latest models of mobile phones and any of the new mobile tablet type devices is just as enjoyable as playing on a computer.

You will now find a huge variety of casino games can be accessed on a mobile device including the live dealer range of games which include the Live Roulette variants, along with of course lots of different variants of software driven Roulette games!

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